Design it, Build it!

Above image: Lehonani McEchaidh, 2018, Sketch 3 – Compressed White Charcoal on Black Cartridge Paper.

Interior Architecture (or Interior Design) is all the rage at the moment, and there are so many reality TV shows about renovating !!!

Growing up as a child I was surrounded by the pretty things, scaffolding and timber everywhere – not hard to do when your aunt (the interior decorator) and uncle (licensed builder) flipped homes for a living. I guess this was one reason why I decided to complete a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration after my fine arts degree – graduating with the Diploma in 2018 – but it’s also a useful skill to have, and to understand when it comes to tradesman fixing your home. So now I’m fully qualified to knock down walls and re-design entire rooms from the basic studs. This is the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer/ Interior Architect (same thing people!). An Interior Decorator decorates the home with pretty decor, maybe changing the wallpaper or paint in the process, while the Interior Designer/ Interior Architect completely re-designs the interior and/or builds extensions to a home.

After my studies were completed I had a break and then decided to take on another path – a Master of Digital Media. Totally NOT related to the Interior Architecture side but in my mind, I thought doing further studies in app creation would benefit me in the long run business-wise. Yet I don’t like the course, so am changing it to a Master of Creative Industries, which is much broader and will allow more freedom to learn about this and more, therefore better becoming a businesswomen and designer extraordinaire!

So while I wait for this to happen, let’s get back to Interiors! I decided that I want to run my own game, my own business, so have decided to offer e-Interior Architecture packages from home! This allows me to have more flexibility than within a company/firm, do things a little differently, and do what I love to do – create!

At this stage, I will offer, buy now packages for structures I’ve designed during my Interior Architecture course. They are a little out of the ordinary designs but will suit someone. The design packages will consist of extensive (albeit mock) research and scaled plans (not all with interior plans) for anyone who loves and has a passion to build my designs. It will mean you need a qualified licenced builder to complete the design as I am not qualified in this area, but you can implement the design at ANY size, not just the size/s specified. Just ask your builder for further details of how to do this.

In the future, I will offer clients comprehensive e-design packages incorporating Interiors with cultural influence and handmade art to suit. Stay tuned!

This is a new area for me as I haven’t worked as an Interior Architect since graduating, however, look forward to the challenge. For now, should you wish to purchase any packages, read ahead!

Thank you.

Lehonani xoxo


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